In July 1975, Stan Clark opened Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater, Oklahoma. What started as a bar, has turned into a full-service restaurant and clothing line that has become recognized worldwide. 

Creating an affinity for the Eskimo Joe’s brand started on day one. It was all about fun, treating people right and making sure that everyone had a great experience. Cups and T-shirts were part of the mix from the very beginning. Stan knew that promotional products and apparel were essential to building the brand.

In addition to Eskimo Joe’s, Stan owns one other restaurant in Stillwater, Mexico Joe’s, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Eskimo Joe’s Clothes also has one location outside of Stillwater at Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa, OK.

Fast forward 27 years from the start of Eskimo Joe’s, Stan created Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Products Group (EJPPG) in 2002. Why not take the experience of branding Eskimo Joe’s and help others make their brand shine? The Joe’s brand is all about fun and that stands true at EJPPG.

EJPPG’s focus is all about creating a brand experience through exceptional service and creativity. We stand behind our incredible design team, our history of making you and your company look good, our ability to provide you with quality products from the top suppliers in our industry, and our 100% unconditional guarantee on everything we do. 

At EJPPG, you’ll find a dedicated team ready and willing to make all of your dreams come true. Our service is ridiculous! We’re the kind of folks that will come in early, stay late, jump through hoops, work insanely hard and do just about anything to make sure that you get the product you want perfect and delivered on time. We want to make you and your company look good!

We’re not just the place you call to order your apparel and promotional products, we’re your “go to” resource for making your life easier. Let us do the work for you – ideas, design, easy ordering process and so much more. We’re ready to get started and can’t wait for you to experience the EJPPG way!