Breckyn Hudelson

Branding Consultant

Branding Smiles Since 2023

Breckyn joined the EJPPG family in 2023 and specializes in enhancing brand visibility, fostering customer and employee engagement, and boosting retention rates for businesses through the strategic use of impactful merchandise for clients in Tulsa and NW Arkansas. 

Originally from Tulsa, Breckyn earned her degree in entrepreneurship and minor in design from Oklahoma State University, and returned to her hometown after graduation where she has enjoyed an 8-year career as a digital marketer and graphic designer. With a background steeped in crafting exceptional brands that deeply connect with their target audiences, Breckyn brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to her work as a Branding Consultant.

Breckyn has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys nurturing an organic garden alongside her husband, Derek. Together, they cultivate a variety of foods for cooking from scratch. Passionate about health and well-being, Breckyn integrates mental and physical fitness into her daily routine through activities such as meditation, resistance training, dance, and yoga. She finds creative expression in drawing, writing, design, and music. Breckyn has an appetite for cultural experiences, whether it's taking in live music performances or art exhibits, exploring nature, or embarking on culinary adventures—both locally and during her travels. These interests not only enrich her life but also infuse creativity and inspiration into her work.